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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Conducting Comprehensive Assessments for Identifying Gaps in Social Accountability Mechanisms - Somali Women and Child Care Association (SWCCA)

Date Posted: Mar 02, 2024
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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Consultant

Consultancy Title: Conducting Comprehensive Assessments for Identifying Gaps in Social Accountability Mechanisms and Processes gathering insights from communities & WSR

Client: Somali Women and Child Care Association

  1. Background:

Somali Women and Child Care Association (SWCCA) is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct comprehensive assessments aimed at identifying gaps in social accountability mechanisms and processes gathering insights from communities & WSR. The purpose of this initiative is to gather insights that will inform the development of targeted strategies to enhance social accountability and community engagement.

  1. Objectives:

The consultant is expected to achieve the following objectives:

  • Assess the existing social accountability mechanisms within the target communities.
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in the current processes for community engagement.
  • Gather insights on community perceptions and expectations regarding social accountability.
  • Provide recommendations for strengthening social accountability mechanisms.
  1. Scope of Work:
  • Review existing literature and documents related to social accountability in the context of the target communities.
  • Conduct interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys with community members to gather qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current feedback mechanisms and channels for community input.
  • Examine the role of key stakeholders in social accountability processes.
  1. Methodology:

The consultant is expected to employ a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative research methods. This may include but is not limited to interviews, surveys, focus group discussions, and document analysis.

  1. Deliverables:
  • Inception Report: An outline of the proposed methodology, work plan, and any adjustments based on initial findings.
  • Draft Report: A comprehensive report highlighting the gaps identified, community insights, and preliminary recommendations.
  • Final Report: An updated and finalized version of the report, incorporating feedback received from the client.
  1. Timeline:

The consultancy is expected to be completed within a month from 6th March to 5th of April 2024.

Experiences and Qualifications

  1. Qualifications:
  • Proven experience in conducting social accountability assessments or related assessments.
  • Understanding of the cultural context and dynamics within Somali communities.
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills.
  1. Budget:

The consultant should provide a detailed budget proposal, including all anticipated costs such as travel, accommodation, research tools, and remuneration.

  1. Proposal Submission:

Interested consultants should submit their proposals, including a cover letter, technical and financial proposal and CVs of key personnel.

  1. Selection Criteria:

The selection will be based on the consultant's qualifications, experience, proposed methodology, and budget.

How To Apply

Interested consultancy firms are invited to submit their proposals by 6th of March Close of Business to Proposals should include a cover letter, technical proposal, financial proposal, and relevant supporting documents.

Contact Information: For inquiries or clarification regarding this TOR, please contact

SWCCA looks forward to receiving innovative and responsive proposals from qualified consultancy firms to support the capacity development of women-led organizations in Somalia.

Skills Required

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Somali Women and Child Care Association is national organization, SWCCA is nonprofit humanitarian.SWCCA founded in April 2012 in Mogadishu by a group of Somali Intelligence Women from cross-section of the community, The organization is functionally o... Read More

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