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ToR for Scope of Work (SoW) for Consultancy to Establish the National Education Fund - Save Children Somalia

Date Posted: May 15, 2024
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    Full Time
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    10 Year
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    No Preference
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    May 28, 2024

Job Description


Title of Consultancy

ToR for Scope of Work (SoW) for Consultancy to Establish the National Education Fund


SCI Contracting Office

Save the Children Somalia Country Office

Period of Consultancy

National Education Fund: June 2024 – February 2025

Consultant type required

Individual Consultant

Responsibility for Logistics arrangements and Costs

Save the Children will pay the fees for the consultancy in a lump sum and will not reimburse any incurred costs during the assignment. The consultant will cover their Logistical arrangements and costs in the country to coordinate and implement the consultancy.  

Taxation Provisions

The consultant shall be responsible for all Taxes arising from the consultancy in line with the local Tax regulations applicable at the SCI contracting office named above.

Travel requirements

The consultant will cover their travel costs (tickets) and arrange local travel to field sites if needed

Security requirements

The consultant will comply with standards of Save the Children Security procedures, including the completion of SCI online security training prior to travel to Somalia.


The Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education of the Federal Government is responsible Establishing quality education system for all Somali citizens that offers equal opportunities and promotes respect for human rights and observes Islamic principles as articulated in the provisional Constitution of the Federal Government of Somalia (2012) and the National Education Policy (revised in 2023). The Overall goal of the education sector is to ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood, basic and primary, secondary, technical and vocational, higher education, and complete with relevant and effective learning outcomes. The strategic goals of the sector are governed by the National Development Plan (2020-2024), the Education Sector Strategic Plan (2022-2026), the Somali Partnership Compact (2023-2026).

Save the Children has worked in Somalia for over 70 years and is a national and international leader in humanitarian and development programming. Our long operational history and broad geographical coverage, has afforded us positive working relationships with key stakeholders, including the federal government, state and local authorities, donors, international and local NGOs, as well as the trust and acceptance of the communities themselves. Save the Children has operational presence in 17 regions in the country, with over 640 national and international staff across 14 field offices. Save the Children implements a wide range of multi-sectoral humanitarian and development projects in Somalia. Our programming is guided by our Country Strategic Plan 2022-24 which follows a child life cycle model to make sure our programs consider a child and their needs holistically and respond with thematically integrated and age-appropriate interventions.



The System Transformation Grant (STG), funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), is a three-year initiative aimed at catalyzing sustainable advancements within the education sector of Federal Government of Somalia. With a robust focus on the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP 2022-2026) and the Partnership Compact's outlined priorities, the STG endeavors to bolster primary enrollment rates, enhance literacy and numeracy, and establish a transparent and efficient financial framework. The STG seeks to revolutionize the education landscape, ensuring equitable access to quality education across urban and rural areas while fostering accountability and efficiency in financial management. Through strategic partnerships and comprehensive interventions, the STG aims to lay the foundation for a transformed education system, driving socio-economic progress and prosperity for Somalia's future generations.


Purpose of the Consultancy:


The purpose of this consultancy is to support the MOECHE to establish a National Education Fund which is a type of financing mechanism that will pool together funds from multiple local sources such as the government, the Somali private sector, foundations, diaspora groups and local communities. The establishment of a National Pooled Fund for education is expected to address the single largest issue facing the Somali education sector, namely low domestic financing resulting in the lack of available public education services. The consultancy will support MOECHE through technical support in the design, analysis of capacities and in developing operational procedures and mechanisms for managing the pooled fund.

The activities under this consultancy will be implemented through a consultative and participatory approach. All stakeholders will be consulted and provided with an opportunity to contribute to the development process.


Specific Tasks and Objectives:

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing funding mechanisms and practices within the education sector.
  • Reviewing international best practices in education financing, particularly related to the establishment and operation of education funds in a similar context.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders, including government agencies, educational institutions, civil society organizations, and development partners, to gather input and ensure buy-in for the national education fund.
  • Developing a draft framework for the National Education Fund, including objectives, governance structure, funding sources, allocation criteria, and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Facilitating consultations and workshops to solicit feedback on the draft framework and incorporating relevant inputs into the final version.
  • Providing technical assistance to MOECHE in drafting the necessary legal and regulatory documents for the establishment and operationalization of the national education fund.
  • Developing guidelines and procedures for the allocation and disbursement of funds from the national education fund, ensuring transparency, accountability, and alignment with national education priorities.
  • Supporting capacity building efforts within MOECHE and other relevant institutions to enable effective implementation and management of the national education fund.
  • Providing ongoing advisory support to MOECHE during the initial phase of national education fund implementation, including troubleshooting and addressing any challenges that may arise.


Specific Deliverables:

  • Detailed inception report to explain the process, methodology, scope and timeline.
  • Comprehensive analysis report on existing education funding mechanisms.
  • Draft framework for the National Education Fund.
  • Final framework for the National Education Fund incorporating stakeholder feedback.
  • Legal and regulatory documents for the establishment and operationalization of the National Education Fund.
  • Guidelines and procedures for the allocation and disbursement of funds from the National Education Fund.
  • Capacity building materials and training sessions for relevant stakeholders.
  • Ongoing advisory support to MOECHE as required.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • This consultancy level of effort requires two independent consultants who will be engaged by SCI. SCI will select the two top qualified candidates to deliver this work. The consultants will work in a collaborative manner, with both reporting to the MOECHE and Grant Agent.
  • MOECHE and FMS MOEs– will provide all the necessary information/facilitation support to the consultant (s) that would help complete the deliverables successfully.
  • SCI – will manage the contract of the consultant and provide necessary support both technical and financial.
  • Consultants – will take the responsibility to accomplish the deliverables.
  • The consultant (s) will work closely with the MOECHE and FMS MOEs team and the SCI education technical team. The consultant will also liaise with education development partners as relevant.


Budget and Payment Terms:

The budget for the consultancy will be allocated based on a detailed cost breakdown provided by the consultant. Payments will be disbursed in installments upon satisfactory completion of agreed-upon milestones and deliverables.


Reporting and Supervision:

  • The consultancy will be supervised by the Permanent Secretary within MOECHE Somalia, with oversight from the GPE Grant Agent Chief of Party. Regular communication and reporting mechanisms will be established to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the consultancy process.
  • This consultancy level of effort requires two independent consultants who will be engaged by SCI. SCI will select the two top qualified candidates to deliver this work. The consultants will work in a collaborative manner, with both reporting to the MOECHE and Grant Agent.

Experiences and Qualifications

Qualification and Experience


The consultant (s) should possess the following qualifications and expertise the consultancy firm/individual.

  • At least a post-graduate university degree (master’s or equivalent) in Finance or any other relevant/related field.
  • A minimum of 15 years of relevant professional experience, demonstrating extensive experience in financial management and socio-economic development, preferably in the education sector or similar contexts.
  • Previous experience working with donor-funded projects, particularly with the GPE or similar organizations, is desirable.
  • Proven experience in conducting financial assessments, financial management or risk management policies and procedures for education sector or governments, particularly in challenging or fragile contexts. 
  • In-depth knowledge of international standards and best practices.
  • Familiarity with Somali laws, regulations, and institutional frameworks.
  • Demonstrated capability to work under tight deadlines, delivering high-quality outputs within stipulated timeframes to meet the program's objectives effectively.
  • Excellent proficiency in English speaking and writing is essential for clear communication and documentation throughout the consultancy process.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills are imperative to ensure accuracy and thoroughness in developing the associated documents.
  • Strong critical and analytical thinking skills are essential for assessing complex communication challenges and proposing innovative solutions tailored to the Somali context.

Selection Criteria

  • Submit a Technical Proposal that clearly explains the proposed methodology/ approach, and timeframe to conduct the consultancy. Proposals must clearly demonstrate a nuanced comprehension of the objectives as detailed in the Terms of Reference. This encompasses proposing a methodological approach that is not only innovative and robust but also intricately tailored to the distinct realities of operating within Somalia. Proposed methodologies should outline pragmatic and effective strategies for engaging stakeholders, collecting data, and analyzing, ensuring adaptability and effectiveness in the Somali context, and understanding of the TOR.
  • Submit financial proposal that clearly outlines the cost break down.
  • Prior relevant experience in conducting similar scope of work is an advantage.
  • Consultant Expertise the consultant is expected to demonstrate comprehensive qualifications and skills. Submit CV

How To Apply

Application Procedure

Qualified Consultancy Firms are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals and Lead consultant and associated personnel CVs and other relevant documentation to

  • Emails should not exceed 15mb – if the file sizes are large, please split the submission into two emails.                      
  • Do not copy other SCI email addresses into the email when you submit it as this will invalidate your bid.
  • All applications MUST be submitted on or before the closing date below to be considered for the assignment.
  • The subject of the email should be Application for Consultancy to Establish the National Education Fund.
  • Submissions must be made to this email, attaching all relevant documentation.
  • Interested consultant (s) who meet the consultancy requirements are requested to submit their bid and each application package should include the above required minimum requirements.

Only shortlisted bidders will be contacted.


All data that will be collected should be considered as SCI properties and may not be used for other purposes.

Closing date for Applications

Interested consultants shall submit their applications through the above procedures on or before.

28 MAY 2024. 11:59 PM EAT.

Skills Required

Company Overview


WE BELIEVE EVERY CHILD DESERVES A FUTURE. Around the world, too many children start life at a disadvantage simply because of who they are and where they come from. Millions of children are dying from preventable causes, face poverty, violence, di... Read More

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